Uncle Impregnates 15-Year old Niece

An man identified as an uncle of a 15 years old girl is in the dock for impregnating the 15-year old girl whom he has been allegedly been abusing sexually since she was 12 years.
The 15 years old girl, under protective custody at the Social Intervention Centre in Ado Ekiti, was being sexually abused by her uncle since she was 12 years. The girl narrated that the uncle impregnated her two times in the past before the neighbours alerted the state authorities for intervention.
This case and several other reported cases of rape and child defilement compelled that Ekiti State Government into strengthening the existing laws in the state to fight cases of child sexual abuse in the state.
The uncle who allegedly sexually abused his niece is in Police custody as the case is being investigated.
The Ekiti State Government has assured the people that it will impose tougher sanctions in the fight against sexual violence.
The Attorney General of the State and Commissioner for Justice, Wale Fapohunda, announced new measures to combat the scourge, adding that the rising rate of sexual offences in the state has become a source of concern.

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