Touch My Fans And Die, Wizkid To Bodyguards

Wiz shows support to his fans by protecting them from more aggression from bodyguards also guarding him.
How Wizkid’s concert went down in Nakuru How Wizkid’s concert went down in Nakuru
Wizkid shows love to his fans when a bodyguard assigned to him assaulted them during a stage performance.
While performing at the Polo Club in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, a couple of fanatic supporters wave at him from the stance, some attempting to touch his feet.
At this point, the bodyguard charges in to hit the fans but Wiz cautions him about the aggression. In a jiffy, he gets the crowd back to the frenzy of his songs.
According to reports, the incident happened at a charity concert on Friday, December 14, 2018.
Mr 2kay also performs at the gig where Wizkid stands out.
In faraway Kenya, Starboy is getting equal amount of regard. He receives a lot of love from the fans at his performance at the Katika Festival on November 3.

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