How Boko Haram killed 25 persons after wedding party


The Boko Haram insurgents have made life in the North East Nigeria brutish and short, causing irredeemable pains for citizens in the North. Suspected Boko Haram extremists had attacked Kuda-Kaya Village in Adamawa State where they killed over 25 persons who had left for their homes after a wedding party.

Rebecca Malgwi, a relation of some victims, had lamented that two of her brothers-in-law were killed in the attack on Kuda-Kaya Village, Adamawa State on Monday, April 29, 2019, night.

Malgwi narrated that the attackers went from house to house, adding that many people could not escape because the shooting came from all directions.

Former local government official, Yahaya Muhammed, had confirms that 25 people were killed.

Boko Haram fighters have been attacking villages in the North East Nigeria; they have been active in the border communities in Niger, Chad and Cameroon.


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