September 20, 2020

Post-Coronavirus Has Better Life Fortunes, Be Prepared – T.B Joshua

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Prophet T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations has made a prophetic revelation that the end of coronavirus is near. The renowned Man of God, therefore, encouraged people to make necessary adjustments to overcome the misfortunes that corona virus afflicted human race with, and come up with resilience for the new era. The Pastor revealed that the post-corona virus will be better than all the devastation mankind encountered in the period the pandemic ravaged countries of the world. The devastation, the Man of God said, merely laid the foundation for better and greater future.

It is obvious that the corona virus pandemic is not for eternity neither is it a divine covenant of human existence on earth.

Accordingly, Prophet T.B Joshua affirmed that the end of corona virus is not too far from the present time. Thus, the Man of God counsels that no matter the misfortune(s) an individual or group may encounter in the corona virus ravage, no one should doubt God, adding that in any divine encounter, God is about to do something new.

The Man of God pointed out that things may begin to pick up towards the end of June into the early days of July 2020.

Prophet T.B Joshua emphatically stated that it has gone down in history that in every 100 years, that is a century, something always happens that affects the entire world. He noted that corona virus has become one of such global historic events.

The Prophet T,B Joshua, therefore, admonished: “If you don’t get your job back or you don’t get a proper job or a full-time job or you run into loss or lose a loved one after this lockdown, don’t despair; don’t doubt your God. God is about to establish you.”

The Prophet remarked that every successful man or woman encounters experiences of disappointments or setbacks before getting to the top. He emphasized that corona virus brought signs of greatness, emergence of great people, and better future, insisting the misfortunes have occurred to clear the way for greater heights in human race, not despair.

“Ask any successful man or woman and they will tell you how much disappointment and setback they had to endure to come to a new level in life.

“Something often happens every 100 years to affect the whole world.

“For many, it was a sack letter, an accusation, a petition against them and they lost their job – but today they are established.

“I want to believe that the similar signs I am seeing now will happen to many while others may lose loved ones or run into loss. 

“I can see beyond many of our situations at hand. That is why I am telling you that behind that situation lies your future.

“After the lockdown, whatever disappointment you will receive or whatever happens – think deeply and you will see the reason why this is happening to you.

“Remember, many successful people today once had the same experience and they were moved to a higher level in life thereby,” Prophet T.B. Joshua declared.  

The Prophet maintained: “Ordinarily, you would not want to leave your position or status; and say you want to establish yourself without a situation like this.

“Something must happen – and that seems to be happening now.

“Sometimes God allows situations like this – I mean disappointment or something more serious – so that you can take your proper position and possessions. Sometimes it is to enable you to get to where you belong.”

The Man of God articulated that dark moments could arise to define the present status of a person and re-position such person for a higher and better future.

“What is your dark moment? It may be to make you see clearly where you belong; I mean to prepare you for your future. I know where I belong! It is time to know where you belong; that is why all this is happening now.

“Don’t forget everything big starts little. If something big starts big, it calls for concern. Starting little with a sincere heart is evidence that you will grow.

“Everything genuine likes to start little. You have to be ready to start little, cut your coat according to your cloth and endure temporary pain,” he declared.

The Man of God stated that the type of life person lives must be in accordance with little.

“It may cause you to withdraw from the city to a rural life or to do away with some of your property. You will have them back at the right time but let them go now for preparation to grow. Many things you have now may not be necessary for the journey, may not be relevant to the situation that is coming. Let them go and believe this word… It is a word from God,” the Prophet stated.

The Man of God cautioned against pressures from family members or ostentatious lifestyle. The Man of God advised people to make adjustment to modest and simple lifestyle to enable them cope with the coming occurrences.

“Ask your family members to cut their coat according to their cloth. If any of them was living big before, they have to prepare to adjust now to the situation that is coming. Check your store and bring out the things you may need to sell. Right now, you need to be living modestly,” he counseled.

Prophet T.B Joshua also admonished that women that married men because of affluence or men that married women because of affluence should not consider divorce as option because of the emerging challenges or economic crisis. He said that people should rather make adjustment to the situation, adding that there may be need for new friends.  

The Man of God maintained: “We just need to adjust. You may likely need some new friends because not all of your friends will be able to cope and adjust. The future is still there but only calling for adjustment.”

The Pastor reiterated that all present occurrences would pass away, and new manifestations will emerge. He warned against fraud or dubious means of acquiring wealth. The Man of God affirmed that only wealth acquired through right means will live with the owner.

“Many things we are seeing now will go and many new things will come.

“If you know you got anything by injustice, such will not be able to stand. Whatever you might have received by injustice will go. It is only our genuine sweat that will see us through while nature is ready to take its course.

“God just started this judgment somewhere. It will soon get to me; it will soon get to you. Let us be ready,” the Prophet declared. 

The Man of God reaffirmed that the present situation does not mean people are down; noting “but this is just what has come in our own time. Every age has its own challenges. People of yesterday had their own challenges in a different way. Others have gone through so-called challenges in their own way.

“Today, those who adjust will be able to overcome and those who are unable to adjust will go by the level of their challenges – downfall, death.” 

Prophet T.B Joshua further reiterated that something must happen every 100 years to affect the whole world.

The Man of God, accordingly, declared: “this is what has happened in our own lifetime. It has been like that for generations. Those who respond to the demands of the age will end up as overcomers, victors, winners.

“However, those who fail to respond to the demands appropriately will eventually go down with the times, either by disappointment, failure or death.

“It is unchangeable; it must happen. The nature of the challenge may be different. Irrespective of how it happened, the nation that caused it, the person that caused it – it had to happen; something just had to cause it.”

Prophet T.B Joshua said that towards the ending of June to the first week of July 2020, the present will begin to become a point of reference that: “This man said this; that man said it”, adding: “but it is God that said it.”

Prophet Joshua has been renowned for speaking from the throne, and God fulfilling the word from the throne. This corona virus is no exception and the Prophet has seen the sign as he said.

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